"On the voices, very generous laude to the young Emma McDermott, who proved to be really up to the role: her Italian debut of Tosca in the city of Catania, the city not only of Bellini but De Roberto, Rapisardi, Verga, which has wished well the budding of this broad, tonal voice, not pointed but dense, versatile, which can be in different roles; a voice that will grow (in fact we learn that the Californian artist will be produced in Wagnerian repertoire) and that without a doubt, if well managed, will make people talk among themselves." 
-Francesco Giordano 


August 13, 2018

"Puccini immediately loved this figure of a combative and confident woman in the drama of Victorien Sardou, capable of drastic decisions, with a temperament of steel that reveals itself in her courage to kill and kill herself. And he wrote: "Tosca is a work that requires an ultra-dramatic woman and a very good baritone." This was the key to the staging... two great singers really held the bench: in the shoes of Scarpia, Alberto Mastromarino, a "very good baritone" of international fame, of great stage presence and remarkable acting skills, and the American soprano Emma McDermott, at her debut on the Italian stages, really an "ultradramatic woman" who was able to portray the protagonist with the right size, manifesting qualities of a lyric soprano, even that of a lyric spinto, a strong temperament, a dramatic accent and a great talent as an actress. McDermott really knew how to offer a widely faceted heroine, in love and devoured by silly jealousy in the first act, tormented and frightened by her love in the second and tragically deluded in the third, with a beautiful full-bodied voice that gave her best in "Vissi d'arte," sung with intense emotional participation."
-Silvana la Porta 


August 11, 2018

"Among the soloists certainly stand out Emma McDermott in the main role of Aida and the magnificent Giovanna Casolla, among the most appreciated sopranos on the international scene, in the role of Amneris, both very applauded by the public."

-Daniele Castelli  


"Сюрпризом для всех стало появление коуча Молодёжной программы из США Эммы Мак-Дермотт с французским романсом «Пускай зима». Скромная девушка обернулась эффектной Примой с крупным сопрано, музыкальной и сценичной."
(The surprise for all was the appearance of the Young Artist Program coach from the USA, Emma McDermott, in the French mélodie "Allow the winter." The modest girl turned into a spectacular prima donna with a large soprano voice, and was musical and theatrical.)
- Tatiana Elagina, belcanto.ru, May 1st, 2014

"McDermott has a big voice that carried easily over the orchestra..." 

- Joan Reinthaler, The Washington Post, May 14, 2012

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